Sunday, June 24, 2012

Think Small

There was an article in the wall street journal yesterday that caught my attention:

New Lawyers Seeking Jobs, Advised To Think Small

It was advising young lawyers to set up practice in smaller more rural towns and cities.  There were just fewer opportunities in the big cities.  This is also true in dentistry.  In my book, I advise young dentists to consider smaller towns where not only is there a real need, but you can do very well financially.  If you or your spouse are distressed about living away from a larger area, you can live one place and commute to your office if it's not too far.  If you set up in a nice suburban area or large city where there is a dentist on every corner, well, good luck.  It may be more difficult to make a go of it as soon as you would like.  Specialists may have to look more carefully as you do need a larger drawing area and population than a general dentist, but there is still a need for specialists in smaller towns.

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